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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  April 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tarmac and discovery will -- it will be there for five days demating the aircraft. 39 trips to orbit, 148 million- miles in space and discovery is looking worn and tired. still, as you mentioned, she certainly put on a fabulous farewell tour around the nation's capitol earlier today. it was a picture-perfect day for a most unusual home coming. hundreds of thousands of us skipping school and work this morning to share a moment of history. the final flight of discovery. the workhorse of the space shuttle discovery program. >> that is amazing and i have never seen anything like that. and if it's really truly remarkable, i will never forget it. >> reporter: neither will those with a personal connection to the space program. >> and you see all of the people come out and i thought, you know -- i had no idea and talked to my son.
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he said that the bridges are packed, everyone is all over the place. >> reporter: norm schultz said he worked as a propulsion engineer from nasa from the early days of mercury to the first years of the space shuttle. >> and have had -- have had some disappointment and built on a lot of history from the mercury and we started the studies in 1966 and that is probably irlb. the launch and re-entry vehicle. >> reporter: the prototype is on display since the museum opened in 2003 and just like enterprise, visitors will be able to look at but not touch or go inside discovery. >> and at the smithsonian. we're in the forever business. we thinking in 100 years and 500 years, we'll have kept it in good shape and can't do that with the wear and tear of millions of people coming in
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and out. we have done good photographer and you can see that on monitors and the hangar. >> reporter: and this is pretty special. there is more to come later in the week. >> reporter: we're delighted that many of the astronauts who flow on and piloted will be here, including notables like john glenn, who flew on the discovery as a mission specialist. >> reporter: more details on thursday's ceremony in a moment and nasa will spend the next few 2 days getting it there and that is part of a complex, really, to the national air and space annex where, starting late thursday, the public can see this. >> bob barnard and that is an amazing site.
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and. e-mail them us to. >>. and i on thursday, the smithsonian is having a welcome discovery celebration in chantilly and visitors can see the discovery and that is an all day event. it kicks off at 8 a.m. the news edge on maryland where that teach from the district pleaded guilty to murdering his neighbor. he said he stabbed a 92-year- old woman after a argument last august. that he went back to her house later that day and stole her cash and credit cards. the police tracked him down after finding the used credit card had bottom used. he pleaded guilty to second- degree murder, and theft and faces 60 years in prison. in the district, a business man at the center of a federal investigation into some campaign donations resigned from the board of healthcare company he owns. jeffrey thompson sat down from the board today, actually friday. thompson's offices and home were raided by federal agents
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last month. several d.c. officials were subpoenaed for thompson's information about campaign contributions and thompson has not been charged. taxpayers across the country spent part of the tax day rallying for changes in tax laws and this is in d.c. today on 12th street northwest, outside of the office of the corporate lobbyist. he wrote a pledge signed by republican members of congress to fight any effort to close tax loopholes to benefit corporations. y that calling on the corporations and the rich to pay their fair share of taxes. lavish spending bite the government services administration continues to be the hot topic of hashing -- hearings on the hill. today was the secondda day. some believe that is the tip of the iceberg and that brings more over-the-top trips. as you see in the video, eleanor holmes norton is sitting on the panel grilling the agency and joins us live
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now. thank you for coming in. what new information did you learn about the gsa spending habit? >> i learned it has a ragged -- ragged structure and this issue is centered, it looks like, in one man. commission ear neely, the man who took the 5th in the western region. we don't know for sure that this has not metastasized the gsa and that is centered in the westin region. we won't know until dan, and we're glad the president pre- empted parts of the day's hearings, by taking out parts of the agency and bringing in dan tangalini, well-known in this region and, of course, the fame at metro and we know he knows what he's doing and there were things that had no
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explaining. for example, why did mr. neely get a bonus after the interim report was out? this is asked of the administrator and her committee said don't give him a bonus and that turns out mr. peck lobbied her for a bonus and after knowing he was subject of the interim report where he's the center of all of this and, indeed, his case is referred to the justice department. >> were there crimes committed here or extraordinary greed and incompetence? >> the justice department will have to tell us there was a lot of greed and that the western region ran amuck and looks like it was not connected to the gsa, part of that has to do with the structure. one of the things i want to see happen is in this agency, nobody is at the top responsible, even the cfo.
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seemed like nobody reported to her. the first thing dan did was to make all of the finances from all of the regions go to one -- through one single person. if you're just doing that now, tells you the agency is structured wrong and structure for what happened, people taking advantage of it if they could. >> my last question for you, off of the topic, senator joe lieberman is introducing a bill to give d.c. more autonomy over the budget. you think this has a chance of passing? >> and that is -- it has a chance of passing and we have a real bipartisan package here and that d.c. vote poll done by a bipartisan agency and shows that 70% of the american agency think d.c. should have control over the local budget and now we have joe lieberman and mr. cantor, mr. mcdonald and that gover in -- governor of virginia, mr. essa who is chair
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of the committee and the president of the united states. we can't get the budget autonomy now, when are we going to get it? and this time, the package is coming together and the republicans don't have any reason to vote against it since their constituents agree with ours and this is across all demographic lines, all geographic lines. we could find no difference or they can find no difference between democrats and republicans, southerners and northerners, people going to church and people who speak, sleep at home on sunday and that is a basic american notion. it's my money, nobody should fool with it but those people i put in charge. >> sounds promising, thank you for coming in. just ahead on the news edge, president obama asking congress for millions of dollars. money he believes will help control the price of gas. sue. hello, brian. a nice day here in d.c. so glad everything cooperated for
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discovery's journey over d.c. changes are ahead and the changes do include a chance of some badly needed rain. i'll have that forecast coming up. and feldy, the caps are excited for game 4, i'm sure. >> reporter: they need to win that and to up the series. will they have the accessibility of nick jack strom? he may have to mix a game s. he in or out? we'll find out. next. 
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. right now, prices at the pump. the gas prices taking a dip in the district and dropping 4 cents this past weekend. not much but enough to give motorists a little hope. this is where the average stands n. d.c., $4.17, $3.96 in maryland; $3.92 in virginia and sitting above the national average, $3.89. president obama focusing on gas prices today. he laid out a plan spending millions to make the -- keep the price of oil under control
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and is asking for congress for funding. >> reporter: president obama is calling on congress to approve more than $50 million in addition funding. to increase the oversight of american energy markets and bulk up the protechs of oil market manipulation. >> we can't afford a situation where speculators officially manipulate markets by buying up oil, creating a perception of a shortage and driving prices higher. >> reporter: the white house wants to bulk up the staff at the commodity features trading commission to supervise the market and to raise the penalties from $1 million to $10 million. >> and me plan would toughen key financial penalties tenfold and oppose fenalties for violation. >> reporter: the republicans are critical of the president's plan. house speaker john boehner said the white house already has all of the tools available to
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oversee oil market nanip -- manipulation. >> where is the federal trade commission? where is the scc. he's got a disease there and instead of a gimmick, why doesn't he put the administration to work. >> reporter: they're insisting that will bring the price of crude down and to cut our dependents. he will force the building and to highly debate the pipeline. >> and this is for over 20,000 jobs and indirect jobs. >> reporter: president obama argues the u.s. would still rely on foreign oil, quote, even as we build every sink of the country now. -- scare inch of the country now. just ahead on the news edge, the tech world getting excited for what could be apple's big products. the latest from the rumor mill. ♪
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. fact or rumor. apple is making news in the tech industry. there is word a hot now product could be on the way. tracy burns has the story. >> reporter: the apple rumor mill starts churning. but this time, the rumors might actually come true. according to a chinese website, apple plans to release a tiny. >> i joy pad this year and will build as a direct competitor to windows 8-based products. any product should be taken with a grain of salt, the rumor. the speculation over the popular gadgets causes buzz. according to one tech analyst, a new mini. >> i joy pad could come early this fall. >> tim cook, ceo said the amazon kindle fire, a 199, seven-inch tablet was not a big
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threat to them. if apple sees it, they're starting to lose that market and they will come out with it. there are rumors they will in the fall. >> reporter: foreign investors, however, the story was about the stocks. over the past six days, apple finished in the red and that is after hitting an all-time high of $644 last week. for now, that trend reversed. apple shares were back up to the $600 range during today's session, though. in new york, i'm tracy burns. there is your weather apps. what do you think? >> i think it's fantastic. if you don't have it, download it. >> i heard that their is one at the apple app store and the android market as well. >> they think it's a great app. can you see a wonderful part of the nation and see what the weather is doing, where you want to go. >> and we're giving people extra time to get the qr code. >> hopefully they did. >> and i think to check the downloads were of we were close to 100,000.
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>> and that is good, right? windy and cloudy. pretty good for when discovery made it through d.c., so thrilling and that backdrop of clouds made it easier to see. the clouds broke for more sunshine this afternoon and that is still a mild day and that is not hot as yesterday. the breeze is prevalent in morning after the front and that settled down a bit now, and we're going to continue to see the temperatures now trending cooler. let's check out the high temperatures that we hit today, 77 degrees at reagan and that is about 320; dulles, 74; bwi marshal, 73 degrees and that wants to be warm this april. things are going get different and we're going to start trending temperatures down a
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bit and some great news here. we're dropping into the 60s, north and west and we check up to the north and west to find temperatures in the low 60s and we will see the temperatures drop into the 50s tonight and not bad at all. wednesday, the temperature is 62 and that is going to be significantly cooler tomorrow. there will be some showers around primarily in the afternoon. i wouldn't rule them out in the morning, but i think there is a better chance in the afternoon. by the way, it's about a 30 or 40% chance. not all of us are going to get rain tomorrow. the showers won't be a drought buster tomorrow and on thursday, a couple of showers in the morning and breaking for sunshine up to 70 degrees. friday's temperature, 72 and friday looks like a pretty day as well and we don't have the rain for friday. but we have potentially more rain coming this weekend and into the very first part of next week and that can be a substantial focus. we have to keep the fingers crossed for that. meanwhile, clouds are increasing and some showers to
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the west. not sure we're getting much from that, the clouds are sticking around and that will help to keep the temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow, we may sample the moisture. i think the best chance is south of d.c. and there will be a couple of showers around. this is what the setup will be. the high pressure is going to be moving away and we're going to see showers moving into town and they will last mostly in the afternoon and that can be an early time around and temperatures are schooler -- cooler. we'll consult the future cast and to give you what we're expecting and in to that wednesday morning, there is not a lot of rain. into the afternoon, slightly better chance to see some showers and can you see by this that it's not a lot of rain, maybe a 10th of an inch for some of you and into thursday morning, again, the best chance of a couple of showers south of d.c. and some moderate showers.
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again, thursday night looking dry on friday for the most part and looking dry. we might be talking about significant rain on saturday night into sunday. and sunday night in particular. the lows overnight and looking like we're mostly in the 50s with the clouds around. 54 in the district and we ditched the breeze and the clouds. and some showers around in the forecast tomorrow and get ready for a cooler day and we're back and forth and june like we were yesterday. thursday's temperatures, 70. friday about 72 and on to saturday, could feature a thunderstorm and cooler again on sunday, which could be the more significant and soaking rain. >> thank you, sue. and a man is upstaged in his first home the start of the season. ason.
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. good afternoon, i'm dave feldman. today is an offday for the capitals. game four is thursday night at verizon center. the caps need a victor to even the series at two games apiece with the browns. the big question, will nick backstrom be back in the lineups? the caps trail 3-2. and nick back strom from behind the net and sends the pass to the right side and wide open. and that is a nice move to beat tim thomas. ties the game at 3-3 and with the goal and two assists. after the final horn, and backstrom sticks up f ovechkin, who was tripped by rick and cross checks peverly in the face. the nhl will review the play and could overturn it. dale hunter, what do you have? >> and you think he was trying to protect his face. it's a dangerous play on their part, and especially for him, because if you noticed it,
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every scrum that he comes out with no helmet on and gets a block or two to the head by thomas andd game before. he's protecting his head and came out for 40 games. >> the reference to backstrom missing 40 games due to a concussion. he entered last night's game with the shots in the first two game. the second period, the caps 1-0 and pere -- peverly with the shot and the game tied at one. less than two minutes left, 3- 3, 4-4 hockey, and with that deflection for the game winner. the caps fall 4-3 and the rookie took his performance in stride. >> and that is not the first time it happened and not the end of the world and that does not happen every day. you be professional about it and everything you tend to be at a level that will make you -- . >> once again, game 4 on
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thursday and that is back at verizon. last night, 16,245 fans showed up to witness steven straussberg's 2012 home debut. the smallest crowd is the 12- home start. the nats with the second one of the season thanks to a big night from a rare start. straussberg is making his first home start since last september 23rd and cruising against the astros until the sixth with the 2-0 lead, and with the bases loaded and two outs, chris johnson comes through with the base hit to right center field and with that score. gives up shits and two runs with five strikeouts. bottom of the 6th, with that rare start at 2nd base for danny espinosa and comes through and that is score 2-1, the nats defeat the astros 6-3. with the four hits and five at- bats. >> i was chomping at the bit, you know, to get in the lineup. and this, you know, i wanted to
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help the team win whatever way i could. and that was fun to get out there and play a full game. >> he's a good player. um, a heck of a night and as much as i like him, he's my 2nd baseman. that is where you're going. >> he's got a good smile and soar throat. the until will release the season's schedule. we know who the redskins will play and tonight, we'll find out when. back to you. >> and now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at 10 on the news edge. hope you will be, too. ♪
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